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I’m an art director, illustrator and animator, based in Montreal, with 12 years' experience in creating video design for scenography, part of music shows, performing arts, architectural projections, immersive environments, events, and tv sets. My professional journey started in film animation at Concordia, creating animated shorts, and working for Teletoon's tv series as set and character designer. From there, I connected with multimedia projects and motion design, working with Gridspace, Normal studio, Moment Factory and 4u2c Groupe Cirque du Soleil, taking on challenges such as designing architectural projections on the  Sagrada Familia, or directing video content for the Kingdom of Saoudi Arabia show, performed by Cirque du Soleil, for Arabia's national day. 
In parallel, always persued my passion for illustration, creating book covers and posters, such as the 2-year-series of monthly posters for Flyjin restaurant, in Montreal, featuring staff inspired portraits.

As times are changing, and we entered "Covid era", this makes me shift and focus on developing concept art and character design, connecting with the video game industry, tv, and advertising.

For commissions & mandates, contact:

+1 514 515 9288

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