Joanna Czadowska

A Night at the Tiny House

An unusual winter night at the tiny house… 100 piece puzzle challenge.

International Womens' Day

Maria Full of Grace

Free time for mom!

Women Life Freedom

International Womens' day 2023

2022 was an important year for women’s identity, especially the Iranian women. This illustration is a tribute to the proud Iranian woman, riding the power (lion), looking up to the future, up to the sun, wind in her back. The lion and the sun refer to the Iranian flag, as well as the colors green, white and red. On her coat, the character wears embroidered symbols of Anahita (an ancient powerful Persian goddess holding her lions), and of the Simurg creatures flying in the sun. The character also holds a scarf filled with blood, and the names of the teenagers Masha, Sarina, Nika, are engraved in the green sun.

Maria Full of Grace

a film by Joshua Marston

The story of a seventeen-year-old Colombian girl, Maria; desperate for work, dreaming of a better future. She accepts a dangerous job as a drug mule, that lets her escape to New York.

Summer Spells


Rites of Spring

Limited edition prints on archival moab paper, 300gsm. Available at

Rock & Rose series

Written by M.H. Poitras

Published by Courte Echelle

13 covers and comic strips for teen graphic novel Rock & Rose.


Published by Zielona Sowa

Covers for polish literature collection of contemporary essays and poems.

Sacred garden

The garden of source where it all begins, where the sources flow, the roots grow, where all elements are weightless, free, in harmony with each other. The flow, the mother, the dancer, the fossil spirals, cell patterns, fungi, the colibri, the jaguar, the rabbit, the spirits of witchcraft, the eyes of the observer, connect us to our essence.


“Krakowianka”, the Cracovian, braided girl, wears her folkloric scarf, her flower/ wheat crown, feeds her pigeons with pretzels, and watches the Wawel dragon breathe fire. She gracefully holds deep memories of old Krakow…

Flyjin Izakaya

Selection of monthly advertising posters for Flyjin restaurant, Montreal